Special Event @ ITS 2014/Theme
  • Title: Grand Challenges for Intelligent Tutoring Systems in STEM: Progress and Perspectives
  • Organizers: The University of Memphis (Xiangen Hu, Benjamin Nye, Art Graesser) in coordination with Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Neil Heffernan), Arizona State University (Kurt VanLehn), the University of Massachusetts (Beverly Woolf), and BBN Technologies (Bruce Roberts).
  • Length: 2 hours

This special event will explore perspectives on the key grand challenge problems facing the ITS community. Grand challenge problems benefit from community-wide focus because they involve long time-horizons and coordination of many stakeholders. Core themes will include Bloom’s 2-sigma for learning gains, reducing cost for building ITS, scaling up ITS, and hybrid tutoring systems. As a starting point for discussion, teams involved in the Office of Naval Research STEM Grand Challenge for ITS will present on the grand challenge problems they are targeting and their progress toward those goals. These teams span four major ITS research groups with strong track records (Arizona State University, University of Massachusetts, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and the University of Memphis). In the second half, a moderated panel discussion of research program officers and field experts from different spheres will discuss current and future grand challenges that they feel should drive future research. The event will conclude with an open forum for questions and comments on the formulation of these challenges and the specific projects intended to address them.