Ray Perez - Office of Naval Research

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Dr. Ray S. Perez is a senior scientist and Program Officer at the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in Arlington, VA. In this capacity, he is responsible for and actively manages ONR’s Cognitive Science of Learning Program. This Program has three (3) major multidisciplinary and highly intertwined thrusts. Specifically, he is responsible for (1) Training/Education research and their core technologies, (2) Individual differences research and (3) Neuro-biology of learning research.

The training technologies thrust includes research on the use of various artificial intelligence methods and techniques to enhance the design of adaptive tutors, interoperable and transportable simulations, computer games and web-based instruction. The goal of this thrust is to leverage emerging cognitive theories of learning and teaching during their early instructional design phases. The individual differences thrust consists of research in perceptual (e.g., visual memory) and cognitive abilities (e.g., fluid intelligence). The neuro-biology of learning thrust is a burgeoning field of research that leverages brain-imaging techniques attempting to unravel the complex relationship between behavior and the underlying neural mechanisms responsible for learning and memory.

Dr. Perez is also conducting research in the development of new theories and methods for the assessment of human abilities. Its goal is to provide the underlying science and technology for more robust selection and classification systems while also being able to assess training effectiveness. Recognized as a DoD leader in learning, he was asked by the Chief of Naval research to be the program manager for ONR’s STEM Grand Challenge. This program’s objective is to develop the next generation of Intelligent tutors in the four STEM areas that are faster, cheaper and better (e.g., achieve a 2 sigma improvement in performance).

Dr. Perez research in the areas of technology- based education / training spans over 20 years. Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards for his work in advanced learning technologies for training and education. He has authored four books on the use of technology in education and training. Most recently, he co-edited “Computer Games and Team and Individual Learning Technology” with Dr. Harry O’Neil that is published (2011) by Elsevier. His next book also co-edited with Drs. Harry O’Neil and Eva Baker entitled “Teaching and Measuring Cognitive Readiness “(in preparation) will be published by Springer Publishing Company. A completed list of his numerous book chapters, scientific journal articles, technical reports and presented scientific papers at professional meetings can be found in the reference section of this summary.

Prior to coming to ONR he served as Program Manager for the Presidential Technology Initiative Program at the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA). While at DoDEA he was the Director of the K-12 program within the Advanced Distribute Learning Initiative, sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Readiness and Training. Earlier, he was Principal Scientist in Simulation and Advanced Instructional Systems, at the US Army Research Institute for the Social and Behavioral Sciences (ARI) and was an assistant professor, in the Department of Psychology, at California State University Dominguez Hills, California.

Dr. Perez continues to serve as an educational technology expert on various review panels including the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Academy Sciences (NAS), and the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA).

Dr. Perez received a Doctorate and Masters degrees in Educational Psychology with emphasis on Cognitive Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles California.