Bruce Roberts - BBN Technologies

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Bruce RobertsBiography: Bruce Roberts is a Division Scientist at BBN Technologies in Cambridge, MA, where he has led the development of numerous simulation-based intelligent tutoring systems. Projects include an operational tutor for teaching flight-line troubleshooting to Air Force technicians, and a virtual environment based ship handling tutor. His interest in intelligent tutoring systems extends back to some of the earliest work incorporating simulation, computer graphics, and expert systems in training; namely, STEAMER, which taught principles of operation for steam propulsion plants on Navy ships. As a researcher at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, he implemented one of the first practical knowledge representationsystems. He is currently the Principal Investigator for DARWARS architecture and integration, part of DARPA's Training Superiority program, and led the rapid development and deployment of DARWARSAmbush!, a multi-player game-based training system for convoy operations.